Why a Stirling Engine
You have a small boat on an inland canal, lake or river?
Could Stirling engine power be the best choice?

Electric boats just deliver less and less as time goes by.
It’s not the electric motor, it’s the batteries. Batteries just decline with time.
You have to choose between shorter trips to keep the speed up, or slower trips to keep the same cruising time.

Petrol outboards are usually so loud that it is hard to hear anyone.
Petrol engines really dislike damp conditions and rely on well charged batteries to get them started.

Stirling engines are powered by a gas burner. The noise level of a Stirling is about the same as a gas hob.
There are no explosions and silencers are not needed.
With “blue flame” burning, there are no carbon monoxide or nitrous oxide fumes. And LPG in the UK is extremely cheap.
So starting is a matter of lighting a gas hob. Yes, the LPG tank has to be refilled. But it stays full – unlike a battery.

The Stirling engine is very simple. With as low as five moving parts, there are far, far fewer things to go wrong.
Come Spring, all that is needed to get the boat going, is to open the gas tap and light the burner.

I started this article suggesting that Stirling power could be the best choice.

This is why I run this website and exhibit Stirling boats.
When it is realised that we can do better than petrol or electric boating, perhaps demand for Stirlings will rise.
Perhaps a source for Stirling engines will emerge?

Whilst Philips and General Motors were talking mega car deals,
the Philips engineers were pushing something else.
This photo dates from the 1970s?

Meanwhile, I will continue to demonstrate the potential of Stirling powered small boats. But, if the boating world and the engineering world were to get together, we could have “better” small boats.
Stirlings are made commercially – even up to 100hp – but these are niche applications. For example, there have been repeated project proposals for solar electricity generation.
My proposal is that there is another niche opportunity for the Stirling. A world wide niche – small boat engines.
This would enable quiet, clean, reliable boating.
Could you settle for that? ......................................................BACK