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1. This page.
2. Introduction
3. The Four Stroke vs the Stirling
4. Niche Engines
5. A Suitable Niche Application?
6. Inhibitors
7. The Essential Needs List
8. The Fundamentals
9. Essential Knowledge
10. Practical Heat Matters
11. The Gas Circuit and Fins
12. Don't Re-invent the Wheel
13. The Spool Piston
14. The Lever and Elbow Linkage
15. A Gas Tight Piston
16. The Cooler
17. Heat Exchange
18. The Regenerator
19. How NOT to Measure Engine Power
20. Measurement - Scales and Tacho
21. The Power Curve
22. Resist Temptation Equilibrillate!
23. Self Adjustment
24. Torque, RPM & Power Comparison
25. Algebra Comes to the Rescue

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Putting the Stirling Engine to Work

Andrew Hall

Adrian and Lynda aboard "Regen"

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26. Peak Watts
27. If you can't measure it - you can't manage it.
28. The Strain Gauge
29. How to Make Progress
30. The Strain Gauge Setup
31. Pressure and Helium
32. The Shaft Seal
33. The Right Propeller
34. The Kort Nozzle
35. Propeller Protection
36. The Thrust Bearing
37. Connecting the Engine and Propeller Shafts
38. Water Speed Measurement
39. Forwards And Backwards?
40. The Kill Tap and Speed Control
41. Gasification
42. Is a Clutch Necessary?
43. A Moment for Calculation
44. A Strategy
45. A Proposal
46. Finally...

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